My purchase of the week has to be Joe Wicks, The Body Coach – Lean in 15 book.

“New year, New me”

Here is the answer to your ‘New Years resolution’ diet.

Having just arrived back from a 2 week all inclusive break in Jamaica I think it’s fair to say I overindulged in ALOT of delicious but so unhealthy food! And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, around 10 days into the trip I realised ‘damn it’s Christmas when we get home’ so December has just been a mountain of food – like Mount Everest built out of shortbread and mince pies. I just find it so hard to say no when a tasty Chocolate cake is glaring at me! I think it’s safe to say I’ve gained a few pounds but I am determined to lose them.

I have been following the Bodycoach since my days when he helped refer customers to the website. Joe Wicks has really become a popular character within the health & fitness industry. He also trains celebrities and has appeared on TV on a few occasions too.

I stumbled across the advertisement for his book on social media and thought this could be the perfect opportunity to shed those few extra pounds I had gained. The launch date of the book was 28th December -so perfect timing for people to finish eating all of their Christmas treats before starting their New Years diet.

A little about The Body Coach’s book…

The book is great value for money especially as I managed to get it half price from Amazon for just £7.49.

The book is good and contains hundreds of 15 minute meal recipes  that ensure you get the correct healthy food that is quick and easy to make. As quick as getting a takeaway but with added extras- including recipes for after a gym session, for healthy

Good work Joe.

My overview…

 The front cover sums up exactly what you will find inside; 15 minute meals & workouts to help you stay lean and healthy. For his first book it is quite indepth and for those purchasing that think it is just food related, it isn’t. I believe it is great value for money considering the amount of meal ideas inside and also fat burning workouts.   Chapter 1: Discusses ‘diets’ and how they don’t work and suggests that you need to eat more food to fuel your body to enable you to lose weight by consuming the correct foods. Joe also provides tips on healthy fats and the need to consume healthy fats as part of a balanced diet.

Chapter 2 – Getting started. This chapter is quite brief but also informative and the aim of this part is to teach that eating healthy is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. I really like this quote “Fat loss is a journey not a race”.

  Chapter 3 – Reduced-Carbohydrate Recipes. This chapter is right up my street! I have saw great weight loss results from following a low carb diet and know many others that have too. Here you will find some SERIOUSLY AMAZING recipe ideas – and the best thing is they’ll be ready in 15 minutes sharp. “That right there is #LeanIn15 “.   Chapter 4 – Post Workout Refuel a Recipes. This chapter is ideal if you return home hungry from a tough session at the gym! Many people probably eat the wrong things after training. I remember a guy at uni who went to McDonald’s after a gym session, why?! Well, finally somebody is shedding some light on what the hell we can eat after training that will be beneficial to maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

 **Chapter 5 – SNACKS AND TREATS** I’m sure we’re thinking the same thing. This is my favourite chapter! This is also the diet downfall for so many people that cannot help themselves by snacking a little too often (I fall into this category) however, with a little bit of effort you can have yourself a tasty healthy treat EVERY DAY. No excuses, unless you’re lazy ;-).

Chapter 6 – Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle with HIIT. “Do one session, do it properly, and you won’t want to do it again” sounds tough already doesn’t it? No, it isn’t. Again, it just requires effort and motivation. But this is where I think this book adds extra value by giving readers some additional exercise tips and advice. Very helpful.

 Chapter 7 – RESULTS: My Lean Winners This section showcases real testimonials that have followed the plan and achieved fantastic results! Good marketing work ;-).

 My fave! Tonight, this dish got destroyed and tasted 10/10! If you love eggs & chorizo then this is a must.
Overall I think the book is definitely worth the money at a mere £7.49. Get your copy here: Buy Lean In 15

Hope this helps 😊👍


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