When starting up a new business customers can be hard to attract.
If you offer products or a service that can be sold online this can be a beneficial route to more customers.
The average person is now active on at least 3 different social media platforms. This means you should be too!

Whether you are aiming to increase brand awareness, target competitors, follow trends or to boost sales having a business account on social media is now VITAL.

Social media allows smaller companies to get larger exposure to a wider audience by posting on social media.

Customers can help spread the word of your company easier on SM, many do this by inviting friends to Facebook pages or tagging them on company statuses. This is also a perfect opportunity for businesses to modify text to appeal to their following audience almost as a reminder to prompt the consumer to browse your website and eventually buy from you.

Many companies even handle customer queries/complaints on a dedicated SM channel. Many supermarkets and large brands are doing this to differentiate the brand itself and the supportive elements of the products & services offered.

The best thing about this form of marketing is IT’S COMPLETELY FREE (unless you pay for paid campaigns).

Here we have put together some tips for you getting started:



Think of your business goals – the end result. What do you want from this? How do you want people to view your company? How will you speak to people? What procedures are in place?

Which is best for you?

Another factor to consider is how active will you be? So therefore which Social Media platforms do you want your business to be linked to? The important thing to remember is to keep content flowing and ensure the brand goal is the same on all platforms. Also, it is important to find consistency with the theme, tone, outlook.

Content Marketing

Remember that content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable, reliable and consistent content. With the aim being to attract and retain customers by engaging with them using the relevant subjects that your audience are attracted to. For example a fitness company posting fitness related news/views would be beneficial to stimulating your followers.

“Marketing is difficult without engaging content”

Target new customers

Focusing your marketing on drawing in new customers is how a business grows.
Look at competitors – What is/isn’t working?  Speak to customers and receive feedback to improve your products/services/business and do plenty of research on the area your business focuses on. Social media is a fantastic way to create new customers by search for key terms for example a Golf company can use keywords to target people with an interest in ‘golf’ on Twitter all you need to do is search ‘golf’ or ‘#golf’ and all the posts relating to this word will appear. It is also a great tool to target your competitors followers and is a very effective method to increase sales. We offer this service.

Social Media Manager

Employing a social media manager will be a good way to step back and focus on other areas of the business. Also, this will allow the SM manager to create the same theme, tone, image of the company through Social Media. When doing this ensure the person knows exactly what your aim is and to follow guidelines to achieve the end result. Most companies big/small now recruit for this position and many companies are also outsourcing marketing as it remains cheaper than recruiting somebody full-time in house. We offer this service.

Social Media Promotions

Running promotions like competitions and sending freebies to a high followed person is a great way to increase traffic to your channels. This is also a great way to get a particular product in front of people. Many companies use this strategy when starting up or when launching new products as it really does work!
Do you have somebody who can push your brand in the field you are working in?
We offer this service.

Good luck with your Social Media Journey! We hope you ROCKET to the top 😉
If you require any assistance from us here please do get in touch.




About the Author Social Rocket Marketing

Over 6 years Marketing experience enabled me to have the skills to help businesses grow online. My aim is to help businesses grow, increase engagement/following/leads/sales/brand awareness and this is what I have been doing successfully for a number of years now. It can be pricey hiring staff and training them to learn new skills when it could be cheaper to outsource the work and save money and have a stronger longer working relationship with a proven track record and guaranteed results.

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