Social Media continues to be a powerful tool to get your business in front of new people. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms for most small businesses. However, you could reach a new audience and draw in far more followers by also having an Instagram account, this will also help boost sales.

However, large businesses are now seeing a massive increase with their customers clicking through to their website via Instagram.
Are you unsure how to use Instagram for your business? Here are our top 5 tips:



To begin with whilst your account has very few followers and not much activity the all important hashtags come into use VERY WELL.

Ensure you use relevant keywords as your image will appear in peoples search feed. Many people use Instagram to browse hashtags to find relevant images. Also businesses with a campaign or slogan often use a hashtag and this encourages the followers and customers to do the same.
If you are Cake company you would use hashtags such as #cake #cakes #bakery #bake #instafood
You can use up to 26 hashtags per image and whilst your profile is growing we would recommend using 26 relevant hashtags to get more followers and photo likes. 

“Consistency is key” is an old saying. However, in this case it is very true. Decide how many posts you wish to have each day and ensure there is a consistent daily pattern.

We would suggest 3 posts per day and a guideline would be morning, afternoon, evening as the correct times to post. This will enable you to find out which part of the day is most engaging for your brand.

Staying on brand
Remember, your Social Media channels will communicate to new people what your company is about. Your brand should shine through all images. Be consistent with font, colour, style, type of images and the general theme of the page.
First impressions are very important and when a new person clicks on your profile your aim is to make them click on images and read the text.

Be fun
Following on from the above, be fun.
Fun engaging content will help your audience grow quick. Ensure you follow relevant trends. It is vital to provide strong content and not to be too pushy with sales. Supermarkets often post images of food items and recipes as people engage better with this. Also, this will link to products in store and sometimes without the follower realising you are indirectly selling them a product. Content Marketing is also useful. Click here for more information. 

If possible another way to help grow your Instagram profile is to find influencers/affiliates that will post about your brand and tag you on images. If they are using your products and promoting you to their audience this will encourage people to click through and follow you.

Spread the love
On your Facebook and Twitter profile inform your followers there that your Instagram page exists and send them there when possible. Also ensure you add an Instagram widget on your website this will allow people to follow you and see your Instagram feed. Other suggestions are including the social media channels in email campaigns and also in the signature of your email account.

Helping hand?
Do you need help setting up your Instagram account? Setting a strategy? Growing following? Managing the account?
Please contact us if you do require any assistance and we would love to help your profile rocket 🙂

We hope the article helps.
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About the Author Social Rocket Marketing

Over 6 years Marketing experience enabled me to have the skills to help businesses grow online. My aim is to help businesses grow, increase engagement/following/leads/sales/brand awareness and this is what I have been doing successfully for a number of years now. It can be pricey hiring staff and training them to learn new skills when it could be cheaper to outsource the work and save money and have a stronger longer working relationship with a proven track record and guaranteed results.

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