Customer Service via Social Media and how to overcome difficulties

Here at SocialRocket we believe customers are the most important part of any business.
Recently Upwork approached us and asked us how we would respond to customers via social media.

To begin with, how you respond to your customers should always be the same whether it is face to face or on social media. Different companies will have different procedures of how to handle positive or negative comments from customers.

Is this an area that you are struggling with? Here’s our tips:

How to respond to people on Social Media

This would depend on the context of the comment left by the user.

If it was a general comment I think it’s important to acknowledge the user and respond. It’s important to respond in the voice/language of the company.
For example, if the company is quirky and fun, give a fun and energetic response.
Whereas, if the company is more serious and professional respond like this.

How to handle negative comments, I think it is important to try to clear the page of any negative comments. My advice would be to first respond, try to make the customer happy and then clear any evidence of the comment. After all if the issue is dealt with why let it remain to be seen by happy customers or even new customers?
What not to do – do not ignore/delete the comment without responding – this is bad practice.

Handling positive feedback should be fun, again this should be responded to in the language of the company in a positive way. Also, use comments and customer feedback to your advantage. If customers are leaving rave review, show your other followers how happy people are with your products/services. Never underestimate The POWER  of word of mouth marketing.

Also use your followers to help you make a decision, after all you want to provide what a customer wants. For example a company selling products wanting an idea of what ‘new flavour’ to launch, ask your customers. They can decide for you.  Also, this will allow your customers to feel like they are part of the company and feel a valued customer.

It is also important to help the customer if they are having any bother with something. Many companies will have a dedicated Customer Support team and we believe Customer Service is everything! – Every company’s greatest assets are its customers.
Good customer service will lead to customers that are loyal and more likely to return. Poor customer service can lead to bad word of mouth comments and also the likelihood is that customer will not return.

I think Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great tools to respond to customers. However, I think the best method is to keep social media as a marketing platform for the company so try to divert as many queries as possible to an email address where this can be kept personal and private.

In the past we have used customers feedback to help improve products, suggest new products and operate differently to cater for the customers needs.

Ultimately, without customers, how can a business function properly?
For more information on this topic check out this here.

About the Author Social Rocket Marketing

Over 6 years Marketing experience enabled me to have the skills to help businesses grow online. My aim is to help businesses grow, increase engagement/following/leads/sales/brand awareness and this is what I have been doing successfully for a number of years now. It can be pricey hiring staff and training them to learn new skills when it could be cheaper to outsource the work and save money and have a stronger longer working relationship with a proven track record and guaranteed results.

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