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This time we are focusing on the importance of influencers on social media.
Can somebody with a high social media following boost sales?

It certainly can! Many companies are now ‘gifting’ people products in exchange for Social Media posts. Some companies even fit paid social media posts into their marketing budget.

Have you ever wondered why they are doing this?
. . .
Because it works! Here’s some reasons it works below:

1 – The power behind word of mouth.

If somebody you religiously follow swears by a brand or product many people follow suit!
Who remembers David Beckham wearing Adidas Predator football boots many years ago?
When I was at school all the kids had these as Beckham was their role model and this really does apply with any role model or somebody with a commanding following.
Some people really engage well with their following and almost treat them as friends, therefore when they give their opinion on things their followers trust what they are saying! 
Tip: It may be worthwhile not working with an influencer that has promoted every competitor under the sun!

2 – Social shift!

Did you know over 70% of brands have increasing their social media spend this year?
Therefore, it shows that this is a growing trend. Along with paid campaigns on social media many companies are now using this as their main online marketing strategy. You may know of some companies that are doing this successfully already!
Tip: Try before you buy, Don’t put all your eggs in one basket make sure the person is the right fit for your brand.

3 – Google agrees…

Influencer marketing is VERY much on the rise according to 2016-04-13 18.07.24

4 – Consumers don’t like being directly sold to.

It’s an indirect way of selling a product. It is also a way to raise brand awareness when the same person frequently mentions a brand/product it eventually makes people curious enough to look further into it and potentially make a purchase (which is the whole idea behind using an influencer).
Tip: Less is more – don’t force a sale, make it look natural.

5 – Improves SEO

In addition to building your brand and increasing your sales numbers, influencer marketing also improves your search engine ranking. According to The Social Media Revolution, user generated social posts account for 25% of search results for the world’s top 20 brands. The more people mention your brand on social media, the more popular and relevant you will be on Google. Which of course means more people will find your website and purchase.
Tip: Engage with your following, competition, customer interactions, hashtag campaigns
Did you know?..
The #TweetYourMeat campaign used was created by us and has proven very successful for this campaign helps improve SEO, raise brand awareness, talking points, useful for marketing in different areas such as TV adverts, digital or print.
This campaign also transcended from Twitter to Instagram too.

6 – Improves Social Media…

It really helps to improve YOUR social media engagement, following and activity.
For example if somebody with 1million followers posts and tags your brand on the post many people will follow you or engage with you in a different way.


Here’s an example of a company that utilises influencer marketing well and spends high budgets doing so:
Protein World.
Protein World ship world-wide and have a number of high followed celebrities/influencers on their books. Many of these are paid a monthly campaign fee and for them to do this so much shows that they see a ROI with this method of social marketing.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 17.52.04

The best way to operate with campaigns like this is to ensure it looks as natural as possible. It sells better if it actually looks like the person purchases from the company instead of being paid to do as they ask. Got it?

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, we do hope it was helpful.
Did you know we have connections with over 250 verified accounts on social media.
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Over 6 years Marketing experience enabled me to have the skills to help businesses grow online. My aim is to help businesses grow, increase engagement/following/leads/sales/brand awareness and this is what I have been doing successfully for a number of years now. It can be pricey hiring staff and training them to learn new skills when it could be cheaper to outsource the work and save money and have a stronger longer working relationship with a proven track record and guaranteed results.

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