If you live in the UK you are lucky enough to be able to order from a British meat company called LiveLean – www.LiveLean.co.uk
LiveLean specialise in delivering premium quality meats from the supplier directly to you the consumer.

This operation cuts out the supermarket element and actually provides much better quality than a supermarket can due to the volume of meat ordered by supermarkets and their restrictions on suppliers that can handle the volumes.

What products do LiveLean offer:

  • Premium Meat
  • Drinks section
  • Weekly specials
  • Protein enriched snacks
  • Lean meats ideal for Slimming diets
  • Money saving bundles great for families, couples, bargain hunter

We set out to work to find a butcher who could match our high standards and supply us with the very best of British produce. Not only did the meat have to pass the taste test but it also had to be sourced from the highest welfare farms where the animals enjoyed a free and natural life.

After getting some lovely boxes made and a friendly courier service on board… LiveLean was born and we started shipping fresh meat all across the U.K.

Our customers absolutely loved the quality of our fresh meat, and the friendly and prompt service we provided so we thought it made sense to expand the LiveLean product range. We now offer a wide choice of the best and most nutritious products available from around the globe, including: Fresh Fish, Superfoods, Coconut Products and Supplements… and this brings us up to the present day.

The above quote is from LiveLean Director Paul Horrocks.

LiveLean carefully select the best British butchers and farmers in the UK to source their meat from. So you know you’ll always get the #BestOfBritish produce.

LiveLean’s website is user friendly and boasts a huge array of lean meats such as; Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Pork and Exotic meats. Not to forget outside of meat they also offer snacks, seasonings, drinks and many other products.

We recently helped devise a Recipe eBooklet which was carefully planned and put together by Anna from Social Rocket. Anna not only created the recipes but also produced the photography and the text within the book too. Richard designed the eBook and created the theme and the style which is aligned with the brand. The eBook is available by visiting the website and entering your First Name, Last Name and Email Address. It’s a great addition to the website and offers customers/non customers something for nothing. Who doesn’t love a freebie?!

Anna @fatchickinthebigsmoke – Photographer/Influencer/Food Stylistscreenshot-2016-10-05-18-14-43

Since working with the brand we have helped them achieve huge success not only with sales but also brand awareness and online growth. Social media following has increased by 56,000 followers across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook within a short period. That’s an average of 400 new followers per day. Needless to say the attention surrounding the brand has risen incredibly and is quickly becoming a household name. Along with social growth website traffic has increased by more than 500% within this period.

A big factor of growing an online business is making the ‘first impression’ count. Therefore, Social Rocket Marketing & LiveLean share the same opinion that imagery is key. Needless to say we’ve together worked on photography and design to ensure that the brand is portrayed as it should be which is; vibrant, fresh, clean and a premium look/feel. Imagery is what sets LiveLean apart from their competitors and appeals to a wider audience due to how things are carefully presented.

Here are some of the tasty deals that LiveLean offer and that have put together:

LL 10 Hache Steaks IG.jpg

We also help come up with competitive deals to increase sales and also give the customer an offer that they simply cannot refuse. This deal here is for 10 x Hache steaks for only £4.50 which is 45p per Steak. The usual cost for this item is £2.95 for two.

LL Super Lean 82 Raw IG.jpg

There is now a huge selection of bulk buy bundles which is the best quality meat put together to save the customer even more. We also do this as we find people like to have everything together all in one place to save time scrolling through multiple pages. Therefore, we consider this and offer packs based on customer behaviour. This pack contains Chicken, Meatballs, Steak Burgers, Back Bacon, Lean Mince, Rump Steaks, Pork Sausages, Chicken Burgers, Sizzler steaks. This offer is on sale for only £59.95 but you can claim this for £54.95 including FREE delivery using code ‘SOCIALROCKET’ at checkout.

LL £45 IG Great British Meat Feast Tractor.jpgFor design assistance please email info@SocialRocketMarketing.com

The image above is the Great British Meat Feast bundle which contains a huge range of popular products this also contains Red Tractor Assured Chicken Breast Fillets which is Farmed and Butchered in Britain and has very high welfare standards.

In addition to the bundle images Anna has also produced many different food images useful for social media imagery and magazine advertisements below are some examples.

Customers engage very well with wonderful photos and high engagement and traffic links to boosting sales and brand awareness.

We’ve been fortunate to work alongside LiveLean providing the marketing & design services.
We have helped with Search Engine Optimisation tips and LiveLean have risen organically and are now in line with some of their main competitors and as a result of this have seen a huge increase in organic traffic.

Social Rocket Marketing have provided a bespoke service for LiveLean and an aggressive strategy to grow sales as fast as possible. Within the first 2 weeks of working together sales rose by over 5,000% we fully expect LiveLean Nutrition Ltd to go on to be the market leader in the Online Sports Nutrition sector. This is for a number of reasons such as the quality of the produce, outstanding customer care, passionate team members, the brand understands what the customer wants, LiveLean’s quality is a match for any of their competitors and most importantly the brand appeals to just about anybody!

We recommend you give LiveLean a try and place your order ASAP and no doubt you’ll be a long term happy customer.
If you want to place an order with LiveLean you can claim £5 discount using code ‘SOCIALROCKET’ at checkout

If you require any marketing or design assistance please email Info@SocialRocketMarketing.com

Social Rocket Logo_cyan

About the Author Social Rocket Marketing

Over 6 years Marketing experience enabled me to have the skills to help businesses grow online. My aim is to help businesses grow, increase engagement/following/leads/sales/brand awareness and this is what I have been doing successfully for a number of years now. It can be pricey hiring staff and training them to learn new skills when it could be cheaper to outsource the work and save money and have a stronger longer working relationship with a proven track record and guaranteed results.

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