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If you live in the UK you are lucky enough to be able to order from a British meat company called LiveLean –
LiveLean specialise in delivering premium quality meats from the supplier directly to you the consumer.

Improve your businesses SEO with 5 simple tips:

We get it, taking the time out to keep your website up to date is hard work. Maybe you know that your SEO needs a serious update or maybe you’ve never done much with it at all. The good news? You’re not the only one!

Make the most of Instagram Stories for your business.

You’ve probably shared an opinion recently on the new Instagram feature, ‘Instagram Stories’ and no doubt you’ve compared it to the ever growing app, Snapchat. A bold move by Instagram that has allowed users to adapt the Snapchat like feature to the advancing social media app.

What Is The Importance Of A Hashtag On Social Media?

What is a hashtag?

You may have seen them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram yet you’re still baffled by the use of them. Don’t worry…you’re not alone. As most people have come to learn what they are, many are still unsure as how to use them effectively on their social media channels. Hashtags were born on Twitter but social networks have adopted them to track trending discussions and to essentially discover new content. Hashtags are commonly used by both brands and users to build awareness around a post, product or campaign, in return to increase impressions (how many times people have seen the post).

How The Use of Emoji’s On Social Media Can Increase Engagement

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Definition of ‘Emoji’: a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication. The new language to dominate the way text based content is now delivered, and a trend which is undeniable. They’re everywhere, from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest, emoji’s are being used by brands now more than ever.

Current Marketing Trends

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Here’s a few observations of what we consider to be current marketing trends. There may be some things you didn’t know about that may help you in the coming months too.

Using influencers to help market your company

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This time we are focusing on the importance of influencers on social media.
Can somebody with a high social media following boost sales?

Why are businesses using Facebook Instagram and Twitter ?

Deep down you KNOW the real answer to this but for those who don’t we thought it would be good to bring you up to date with why most businesses are now active on Social Media.