Customer Service via Social Media and how to overcome difficulties

Here at SocialRocket we believe customers are the most important part of any business.
Recently Upwork approached us and asked us how we would respond to customers via social media.

Social Media Management

Do you require assistance with Social Media Management?
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Here’s why should perform your Social Media Management? (table shows social media following growth which helps increase engagement & sales) To see more detail about results we’ve achieved click here.
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Boost Business sales using Instagram – Our tips 2016

The importance of Social Media for Startups

5 TOP TIPS to use social media for your Business in 2016


In 2015 Facebook announced they will be making changes to their algorithm. A HUGE change that shall not only alter the way your newsfeed looks like but a change that will have a significant impact on the marketing campaigns of businesses.

New Year – New Customers. How can I increase sales online?

Happy New Year! SRM want’s to make 2016 a year to remember for your business.


It is very hard to ignore the importance of Marketing for your company.
If you market yourself correctly you can enable your business to stand out above competition.
Here at SRM we understand the importance of providing an excellent service which includes exceptional value for money Marketing Solutions to help your Business Rocket to the TOP and increase all avenues (brand awareness, engagement, following, leads and most importantly sales).



If you require assistance for the following rest assured you are in safe hands:

Social Media Management (Managing social media accounts, posting, posting at the correct times, content marketing, engaging,  following trends, improving SEO via social media).
Social Media Marketing (Increasing leads, sales, brand awareness, growing followers, targeting specific people, targeting competitor customers, increasing website traffic).
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation; ranking higher organically, increasing traffic, placing higher than competitors).
PPC (Pay Per Click; Paid advertisement, Google ads, Facebook, Twitter)
PR – Do you have something worth sharing? A Press Release may be useful.
Email Campaigns 
– Much More

“you only get out what you put in” “You think hiring a professional is expensive? Try hiring an amateur”

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WHY is the Gym always empty in December? Calm before the STORM

Guys!! Welcome again.

Just a quick note.
I wanted to comment on the gym.
I went there today (has been my first session back for a while due to holiday & Christmas period).
The Gym I use is normally rammed any time of day and for once it was surprisingly DEAD. However, I know next week it’ll be busier than shops during a Christmas Shopping period.