WHY is the Gym always empty in December? Calm before the STORM

Guys!! Welcome again.

Just a quick note.
I wanted to comment on the gym.
I went there today (has been my first session back for a while due to holiday & Christmas period).
The Gym I use is normally rammed any time of day and for once it was surprisingly DEAD. However, I know next week it’ll be busier than shops during a Christmas Shopping period.

My personal Twitter account post ‘NEARLY’ went viral ;-)

So, earlier today (28th December 2015) I was watching my beloved Arsenal vs Bournemouth and when it was 1-0 Arsenal had a corner and nearly doubled their lead.
I managed to capture a funny video of Arsenal CB Per Mertesacker being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the ball bounced from Gabriel’s head, off the post and slap bang on Mertesacker’s head from 2 yards out and the ball went out for a Goal Kick – It was a funny clip, check it out here: