International Fitness Championships

Social Media Management/Marketing example.

This client saw AMAZING results in different ways.

Social Media Management/Marketing

Followers before: Twitter 220 followers, Instagram 900 followers, Facebook 1,100.
Followers now: Twitter 5,700 followers, Instagram 9,359 followers, Facebook 1,927
Increase: Twitter 5,480 increase. Instagram 8,459 increase. Facebook 827 increase.
(This was within a 3-4 month period).

Selling event tickets via Social Media.
In 2014 IFC sold 80 tickets at their event.
In November 2015 via our Social Media Management/Marketing we sold over 450 tickets.
(This exceeded expectation).

Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.07.41

Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.06.12

Event Assistance: We assisted at the event and made it a huge success. Assisting with general help, live social media updates. Also previous event experience of running University Open Days and marketing the event.

Social Media Growth:
Here are some stats to show you the growth each month.

Prior to working with Social Rocket Marketing these were the stats
Screenshot 2016-02-22 17.37.51
Profile visits: 106. Tweet Impressions: 2,108. New followers: 9.

After a full month the stats then looked like this:
Screenshot 2016-02-22 17.38.17
Profile visits: 9,064. Tweet Impressions: 96,300. New followers: 840.

The following month looked like this:
Screenshot 2016-02-22 17.38.47
Profile visits: 20,200. Tweet Impressions: 246,000. New followers: 1,996.

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