Previous work experience.

Whilst employed as a staff member at MF over a 2 year period I helped to improve many areas such as:

Increased Social Media Following from the start to over 100,000 followers on all platforms.
Successful marketing campaigns: #TweetYourMeat campaign –  which is used on the website, all digital & print adverts and TV advertisement was started and continued ever since.
Social Media Strategy: Linking in with #TweetYourMeat the social media strategy was to be fun energetic and engaging. This theme was used throughout the entire company online and in person.
Social Media Engagement: Social media stats of over 10 million reach per month was the norm in the end. Competitions to fit within the target market were often ran successfully reaching over 600,000 at a time.
PR opportunities: Successfully helped gain exposure for the company for new products and transformation stories (James Argent, Imogen Thomas).
James Argent PR
James Argent Transformation
Imogen Thomas PR.
Imogen Thomas Weight Loss
Imogen Thomas Transformation


Screenshot 2016-02-26 20.27.08


Screenshot 2016-02-26 11.46.12


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